1. Take off the visor from the helmet according to the user manual
  2. Stretch the visor by slightly bending it, place the FogCity® lens between the studs, and let the visor bend back in its original position.
  3. Check if the seal of the lens touches the visor all around the lens. If this is not the case, make sure to adjust the studs (see “adjustment” below).
  4. Take off the protective foil and put the visor back on the helmet according to the user manual.
  5. Ride fog free!




  1. Position the visor on the helmet in its most downward (closed) position before installing the FogCity® adhesive visor insert.
  2. Position the template on the outside of the visor, placing the vertical line of the mask in the center of the visor. Use adhesive tape to make sure the template stays in place.
  3. Remove the visor from the helmet. Make sure that the inside of the visor is properly cleaned.
  4. Remove the protective sheet from the inside of the visor insert. Hold the visor insert by its edges and gently fold it into a “U” shape with the adhesive facing the visor.
  5. Place the FogCity® visor insert on the inside of the visor while ensuring that the adhesive of the visor insert makes contact with the visor
  6. Carefully lay down the remainder of the visor insert from the center outward. Once in place, gently apply some pressure around the edge of the visor insert starting from the center.
  7. Remove the template from the outside of visor and place the visor back on the helmet.
  8. Ride fog free!