About Us

Don’t let anything fog up your ride!

At FogCity® we don’t accept foggy visors. We developed a no-nonsense, highly effective portfolio of anti-fog lenses suitable for virtually all types of riders anywhere on the globe. Discover all our products.

Safety first

Most motorcyclists know what it is like to have their vision blurred by a foggy visor, and so do we. FogCity® is made by motorcycle enthusiasts who have had enough of this dangerous effect. We stand for effective and affordable anti-fog lenses.

Ride fog free

In order to enjoy the road you are on, firstly you need to be able to see it. It’s the core principle that lies beneath all that we do at FogCity®. That’s why from now on, regardless of the circumstances you will be able to enjoy your ride to the fullest knowing you will always have a clear sight on what is coming. Allow us to welcome you to FogCity®, where everyone rides fog free.

FogCity®: #ridefogfree